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Night Road by Kristen Hannah

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Night Road by Kristen Hannah

Night Road by Kristen Hannah
This book is about characters and the choices they make, and how one choice can have disastrous consequences.  There are a number of characters in the book, but the story revolves around four: Jude, the devoted (almost but not quite helicopter-) mom; her twins Mia, the awkward one, and Zach, the popular one; and Lexi, the girl who practically becomes a part of the family since she is Mia’s best friend and Zach’s girlfriend. 
This is a story about trying to do the right thing.  It’s about atonement and vengeance, responsibility and consequences, and most of all about love and letting go.
For fans of Chris Bohjalian and Jodi Picoult who aren’t fans of sudden twisty endings.  In Night Road things may not unfold as you thought they would, but there isn’t a shocking revelation in the last ten pages that turns the story on its head either.
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