Night Film by Marisha Pessl
Scott McGrath was once a successful and well respected investigative reporter, until he decided to dig into the life of reclusive cult film director Cordova.  His career in shambles, his home life not much better, Scott is trying to get his good name back.  Then Ashley, Cordova’s daughter, is found dead from an apparent suicide just blocks from Scott’s home in New York City.  Even though Scott knows that involvement in Cordorva’s life in any way will most likely lead to problems, he can’t help himself and begins to dig into Ashley’s life and death.
I am a sucker for books with “extras” in them.  Things like maps, charts, pictures, etc.  This book has LOTS of extras.  Screen shots of webpages abound as do excerpts from newspaper articles.  It just added to the illusion of following the research of an investigative reporter and it really worked well.

Dark, otherworldly and twisty this is a thriller that will drag you into its world.  I’m still not totally sure I liked the ending, but I liked getting there.