Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover by Sarah MacLean

Chase is the elusive primary owner of the famous gaming hell The Fallen Angel.  No one knows his identity yet all fear him.  Anna is the lady in charge of the female employees of The Fallen Angel; this madam is rumored to be extremely talented in the boudoir.  Lady Georgiana is the daughter of a Duke, and the sister of one, but she has a nine year old daughter out of wedlock.  She has never named the father and never will.  Now that her daughter Caroline is getting older she is on the hunt for a husband with a title so her daughter will be accepted, not shunned, by society as she is.  The problem: Lady Georgiana is developing feelings for a man that is not titled and therefore cannot provide her daughter with the protection she needs.  That man is also dead set on unmasking Chase and freeing Anna from his grip.  What makes it an impossible problem: Chase, Anna and Georgiana are all the same person.

This is the fourth book in the School for Scoundrel series but don’t despair!  You don’t have to be familiar with the series to enjoy this entry.  This is a fast paced, well-plotted, steamy read.