National Poetry Month: Christina Sng  

Created by Bob Helmbrecht, collection development librarian

Christina Sng is our contemporary poet for today. Sng has been writing horror poetry for over 20 years, in addition to writing fiction, Japanese short-form poetry, and painting. Sng has won and been nominated for numerous awards for both horror poetry and short form poetry.

Sng’s first full-length poetry collection was “A Collection of Nightmares.” This book won the 2017 Bram Stoker Award for Best Poetry Collection. Author Gabino Iglesias wrote that it “is poignant and disturbing, beautifully written and wildly ranging in subject matter and execution, horrific and wonderfully atmospheric. If a large chunk of contemporary poetry pushes me back into the comforting arms of novels, this collection violently pushed me to seek out more of Sng’s work, and that’s one hell of an achievement.”

Sng followed this up in 2020 with “A Collection of Dreamscapes.” It is a finalist for the upcoming Stoker Award for Best Poetry Collection. Poet Sara Tantlinger said of this collection,  “One of the many things that draws me into Sng’s poetry is how expertly she shapes each piece. This is a poet who takes her craft seriously, who understands the work that goes into revising, editing, and revising a piece again until it is perfect, until each word of the poem lures you deep into its lullaby and in this collection of magic and light, of darkness and blood, you’ll find yourself held captured by those lullabies until they turn into screams.”

If you’re interested in horror poetry, or just in beautifully-written poems, give Sng a read!