National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Created by Yvonne Selander, collection development librarian

All in all I’m a rather neat person. Truly. I doubt my work colleagues believe me because my desk is a horror. I file archaeologically: piles of paper are stacked so the oldest is on the bottom and the newest is on top. I can find anything on my desk. Until I clean it and then I can’t remember where anything is. But that’s not the point. A clean desk makes a happy and productive worker. It inspires serenity. I always feel better after the purge of the old papers is done even if I can’t find anything.

The people at the National Day Calendar have these tips for getting organized: 

  • Remove everything from your desk. Yes, everything.
  • Clean the surface. As you replace items, clean them with the appropriate cleaning supply. Usually, a damp cloth is sufficient, but other electrical items need specific care.
  • Get out the shredder and the garbage can. Shred, file, scan documents, business cards, recipes, photos as needed.
  • Place all documents and photos in the appropriate locations.
  • Shred and toss outdated documents, non-working pens, junk mail.

Need some more ideas and inspiration to get organized? Here are some books categorized under the heading orderliness. A word I am adding to my vocabulary this instant and writing on a sticky note I can stare at whenever the piles threaten to take over my desk.