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Mysteries Are My Hobby

//Mysteries Are My Hobby

Mysteries Are My Hobby

The Mysterious Mornings group met this morning and talked about their favorite hobby mysteries. If it was mystery and it featured a main character that spent a lot of time enjoying their favorite hobby (while solving a mystery of course) than it fit the bill. Here are the group favorites and their most recent books in each hobby series:

Joanna Campell-Slan – Sewing – Sew Deadly
Anne Canadeo – Knitting – Knit, Purl, Die
Laura Childs – Scrapbooking – Death Swatch
Anthony Eglin – Gardening – The Trail of the Wild Rose
Monica Ferris – Needlework – Blackwork
Betty Hechtman – Crocheting – A Stitch in Crime
Mary Ellen Hughes – Crafting – Paper-Thin Alibi
Rett MacPherson – Geneaology – The Blood Ballad

If you’d like a list of everything by the author in order, just click here!

Interesting in joining in on a Mysterious Morning discussion? A list of suggested authors and titles are available at the Bridgewater Library and books will be on display about a month prior to the discussion. (If you’re a voracious mystery reader you can read more than one.) Our next theme/subgenre is The Art of Mystery.

If it’s a mystery or true crime book and it features a main character somehow involved with art or archaeology, or the theft/recovery of a piece of art, then it fits this month’s sub-genre. It’ll be interesting to compare the fiction and non-fiction when we meet Wednesday, September 1st at 9:30am at the Bridgewater Library.

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