Music and Dance Around the World with SCLSNJ

All five programs in this series are hosted at SCLSNJ’s Hillsborough Library branch.

West African Drum Demoand Workshop (adults)
Dave Merritt and the Groove Merchant Drum & Dance Ensemble will lead an interactive demonstration with the West African Djembe Orchestra. Learn ancient, traditional rhythms, and their cultural significance. Discover techniques of playing these exciting polyrhythmic beats that want to make you move. Children ages 6+ are welcome with an adult.

*Belly Dance with Vin Iyer (adults)
Don’t miss this unique belly dance class. You’ll leave feeling energized as you work your body from head to toe. Improve your posture, work your core, and tone your body. This class is geared to all skill levels; beginners welcome. Presented by Vin Iyer.

*Bollywood Dance with Vidhu (adults)
Bollywood is a fun, high energy dance style that is used in Indian musicals and has become very popular around the world. Dance to upbeat Indian pop music and get a great workout for your entire body. Beginners welcome. Presented by Vidhu Goyal.

*Chinese Folk Dance with Ying (adults)
Chinese dance has a long history of thousands of years. Folk dances are joy, vibrancy and creativity. Learn the basic steps of a variety of Chinese folk dances. Relax your mind and exercise your body as we explore the culture and dance styles of China’s many nationalities. All skill levels welcome. Presented by Ying Zhang.

From Kun to Jing Opera: A Brief History (adults)
Discover the numerous styles of Chinese opera and the years of practice necessary to perfect their performance. Yonghong Jia will give a brief discussion about the history behind this art and sing various operatic pieces from the Chinese operas. Yonghong Jia is one of the foremost Kun opera performers in the U.S. today and has received many awards for her leading roles. Children ages 6+ are welcome with an adult.

An (*) next to a program means that an SCLSNJ release/waiver must be signed to participate in the program.