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Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

//Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
Bill Hodges is a retired detective and retirement is not treating him well.  He’s gained a lot of weight, he’s become an expert on daytime television and he is contemplating suicide more often than he would like to admit.  Of course there are the bad guys that got away that fill his drifting mind, but none plagues his thoughts more than the Mercedes Killer: a sociopath that plowed a stolen Mercedes into a group of people waiting at a crowded job fair killing eight and wounding and maiming many more.  Imagine Hodges’s surprise when he receives a letter in the mail from a man claiming to be the Mercedes Killer.  Is it really him?  Can Hodges catch him himself (with some help from unlikely assistants)?  It’ll be hard, there will be bumps in the road, but Bill Hodges now has a reason to live – to catch this guy and make sure no one else dies.

My only complaint about listening to this book was the need to leave my car to join family and friends at an event, or go to work, and therefore having to stop listening.  Uncle Stevie can really write a mystery.  Yes, there is the expected King gore, how could there not be?  But it is gore-light compared to his usual fare.  The mystery is tight, the characters are great, and I’m really looking forward to the sequel Finders Keepers.
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