Feel like your memory is fading?  Can’t remember the seven things that you wrote down on the to-do list that you now can’t find?  Amazed by people who can memorize the exact order of a deck of cards in less than two minutes?  This book can help you feel better about your own memory, teach you how to create a memory palace to house your to-do lists and give you the tools you need to memorize decks (yes, plural!) to amaze your friends.  Sound impossible?  That’s what Joshua Foer thought when he started researching the USA Memory Championship.  After learning the tricks of the trade he decided to return to the championships as a participant.  This is his story.

The Non-Fiction Book Discussion Group will be talking about Moonwalking with Einstein on Thursday, August 11th at the Bridgewater Library.  Read the book, test your memory, and come to the discussion!