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We have heard from LinkedIn that they are delaying the transition from to LinkedIn learning for the foreseeable future.

While LinkedIn’s official position has not changed — “We will continue our discussions with the library community and understand if we can build an online learning solution that meets the needs of public libraries and library patrons” — we would like to thank the SCLSNJ patrons who made their opinions known to LinkedIn.

We will keep access active either until LinkedIn announces a change to the product, or until the end of our current subscription period.

Changes to access. is currently available (as of December 9, 2019).

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What change was going to take place?

LinkedIn, which owns the product, planned to significantly change their licensing terms, and require any patron who wants to use to have a verified LinkedIn account as of October 14. They put their plans on hold for the foreseeable future.

SCLSNJ values the privacy and confidentiality of our patrons’ use of library resources. We feel LinkedIn is crossing a line by requiring patrons to provide personally identifiable information to a private company in order to use a library resource. We originally decided not to continue our subscription under these terms, but since LinkedIn has put those plans on hold, we will continue to offer the product.

One of our major database vendors is still in talks with another provider of this kind of online learning platform to make it available to libraries. We feel confident that because they work so extensively with libraries already, they make meeting our privacy needs a priority. We plan to review this replacement product and potentially put it in place before any other possible changes to terms. In the meantime, we’ve put a list of alternate resources that might meet your needs at the end of this page.

What can I do?

If you have questions about SCLSNJ’s decision to discontinue our subscription to, email Director of Operations Lynn Hoffman at

Other Online Learning Resources

Free Resources

Khan Academy
LearningExpress Library
Free with your SCLSNJ library card
TED Talks organized by curriculum subject

Paid Resources

Some free content; Pro subscription available
First month free for new users
Costs vary per class
updated 9/25/2019