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Legend by David Lynn Golemon

//Legend by David Lynn Golemon

Legend by David Lynn Golemon

Legend by David Lynn Golemon

In Legend the Event Group (otherwise known as section 5656) a clandestine government agency made up of guys good with guns as well as professors of every discipline imaginable, try to solve unknown mysteries while, of course, saving the world. An expedition to the Amazon lost 500 years ago prompts a former 5656 agent to try to find El Dorado, and more importantly, the humanoid creature that has evolved in this section of the Amazon. If you like books with lots of cool gadgets, twists on history and the strange, you’ll like this series. It was a little hard to get into because SO much is going on at once, but I was hooked before long and wanted to keep reading. Plus, any book that manages to tie in an ancient church in the Spanish countryside, an underground Incan pyramid in a secluded lagoon AND the battle of the Little Big Horn has to be cool.

I looked into what the next few books are about and you’ve got Atlantis, a really annoyed sea monster and scary Bigfoot like creatures. I can’t wait to continue this series.

I would love to read them in order, but Event is missing from our collection and out of print! I’m searching around for it in the used bookstores I go to though and will donate it to the collection when I’m successful. But I can attest that you can jump in at the second book and not feel lost at all.

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