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Last Words by Michael Koryta

//Last Words by Michael Koryta

Last Words by Michael Koryta

Last Words by Michael Koryta
Reviewed by Cassandra, Teen Librarian at Mary Jacobs
Florida-based death-row defense lawyer Markus Novak’s life derailed when his wife was murdered while the two of them were working on a case. Still searching for her killer two years later, Novak has put his life and career on the line one too many ties. His boss sends him to Indiana to review a cold case just to get him out of town.

The 10-year-old cold case involves a teenage girl who disappeared inside a cave system beneath a rural farm. Days later the girl’s lifeless body was brought out of the cave by Ridley Barnes. All these years later Barnes, who called to have the case reopened, continues to claim he has no memory of what happened inside the cave. Living under a cloud of suspicion, Barnes wants answers even if it costs him his life.

Just when you’re sure you know who the killer is, Koryta throws you a curve and a new suspected killer is introduced with even more motive. Koryta switches back and forth from the suspects always leaving you wondering who the real killer is. The twists will have you second guessing yourself as you try to solve the mystery along with the protagonist.

**Very good on audio!
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