During the first week of May, approximately 30 kindergarteners from LaMonte Elementary School in Bound Brook visited the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey’s (SCLSNJ) Bound Brook branch.

During the visit, the students were able to participate in a special storytime and were also given a VIP tour of all five floors of the branch – learning about how each staff member helps visiting customers.

“Since we’ve restarted our school visits, we’ve had a definite increase in the number of students visiting the library,” said Aaron Pickett, youth services supervisor. “Every week, we have visitors saying ‘You came to our school!’ and then mentioning whatever was their favorite fact they remember from their visit – that we have tablets for checkout, asking where the Sonic the Hedgehog comic books are, or telling us that they remember our names. Even more excitingly, we have several parents visit with their children who said that their kids came home from school asking to be taken to the library.”

The branch will be hosting additional school tours throughout the summer. The Bound Brook branch is located at 402 East High Street in Bound Brook. To schedule your own tour of the Library, email boundbrook@sclibnj.org or call (908) 458-8410.