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Just in Time for Halloween Part III

//Just in Time for Halloween Part III

Just in Time for Halloween Part III

This one wasn’t pulled from the massive book pile, but it was on my massive holds list. Nothing like your friendly neighborhood serial killer to put you in a dark and devilish mood.

Dexter is Delicious by Jeff Lindsay

Poor Dex. He’s got a new baby daughter, a tribe of cannibals is on the loose in Downtime Miami, and he just doesn’t feel like killing anyone. Dex is now seeing himself as Dex-Daddy, not a killer driven by his Dark Passenger.

It’s hard to make horror amusing, but Lindsay does just that. While these are dark and sometimes gory books, there is a lightness and levity to them. You don’t want to admit that you like a serial killer, but since Dexter lives by the “Code of Harry” and only kills other serial killers that look like they will get away with murder, it’s kind of okay to like him.

I have never read a Dexter book; I will only listen to them. They are great on audio. There’s something about a serial killer actually speaking his inner thoughts to you that makes it creepier than reading it…

If you’re a fan of the television show know that you’ll be confused. You may want to start at the beginning of the series if you want to read them. Almost all the characters that have died in the television show are still alive!

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