Yet another book pulled from the massive book pile! A friend of mine was wonderful enough to wait on a long line and get me a signed copy of this one. (Thanks Cassandra!) This book proves that mad scientists can be really creepy and scary.

The Dragon Factory by Jonathan Maberry

Crazed geniuses are threatening to recreate the world we know through the wonders of genetics. Dragons live, bottled water is suspect and eugenics is a mad scientist’s evil plan.

Of course there is an Extinction Clock, and of course it’s counting backwards. Will our heroes foil the evil plot in time? (Hint: the author is currently writing book three in the series…)

Think Tom Clancy meets Michael Crichton – there is a lot of science, a lot of action and a lot of violence. I must admit I don’t know the difference between one large gun and another, but for those that do they’ll get a little added something from this read. There’s a lot of new military hardware in this book.

This is the second Joe Ledger book, but you don’t need to read Patient Zero (zombie plague!) to enjoy this one.