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Just in Time for Halloween Part I

//Just in Time for Halloween Part I

Just in Time for Halloween Part I

I’m going to try to catch up on some of the scarier books hanging around my house in the next month to get ready for my favorite holiday.

Feed by Mira Grant

Very rarely do I read a book that I have enjoyed so much. It’s a shame that it’s going to be a hard sell, but I’m sure going to try to get you to want to read it.

This book is funny, thought-provoking, emotional and thrilling. You’re on the edge of your seat one moment, laughing the next, and getting a little teary-eyed now and then. The year is 2040 and we’ve got a first person perspective of a blogging newsgroup as they follow a presidential candidate on the campaign trail. The author does an interesting job figuring out what the future of news reporting will be – how bloggers running independent sites will be mainstream sources for breaking news.

Here’s the part that’s going to be a hard sell for some, there are zombies. There is a huge zombie problem actually. Twenty years or so in the past (or in our case, the future) the dead started to come back to life. If you’re bitten, you too become a zombie. Unlike some zombie books and movies the science behind the dead walking around is plausible and a wee bit frightening when contemplated too closely. (Yes, I’ve pondered it and gotten a little freaked out.)

If you are a fan of zombie movies you’ll get some of the references that others may miss. To test if you’re up on your cheesy horror movie references, the main character’s brother’s name is Shaun and his blog is Hail to the King. If you get these references, this book is definitely for you. If not, send me an email ( and I’ll let you in on the fun, especially if you promise to read Feed.

This is book one in the Newsflesh trilogy. Part two, Deadline, will be released in May 2011.

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