Explore and celebrate Juneteenth with a curated booklist, created especially for you by the expert librarians from the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey (SCLSNJ).

Children’s titles to celebrate Juneteenth:

All Different Now: Juneteenth, the First Day of Freedom” by Angela Johnson
Recounts the story of the first Juneteenth, when freedom finally came to the last of the slaves in the South, from the perspective of a joyful little girl.

Juneteenth” by Lisa A. Crayton
The traditions and celebrations surrounding the Juneteenth holiday are highlighted for young readers.

Juneteenth for Mazie” by Floyd Cooper
Mazie learns the history of Juneteenth and its importance through a story about her grandfather.

Opal Lee and What It Means to Be Free: The True Story of the Grandmother of Juneteenth” by Alice Faye Duncan
The true story of Black activist Opal Lee and her vision of Juneteenth as a holiday that represents the nation’s creed of ‘freedom for all.’

What Is Juneteenth?” by Kirsti Jewel
Shares stories from Juneteenth celebrations, both past and present, and chronicles the history that led to the creation of this joyous day.

Adult titles to celebrate Juneteenth:

Juneteenth” by Ralph Ellison
Ralph Ellison evokes the rhythms of jazz and gospel and ordinary speech to tell a powerful tale of a prodigal son in the twentieth century.

Juneteenth: The Story Behind the Celebration” by Edward T. Cotham
What is the origin story of Juneteenth? What are the facts, and legends, around this important day in the nation’s history?

On Juneteenth” by Annette Gordon-Reed
This intricately woven tapestry of American history, family chronicle, and memoir recounts the origins of Juneteenth and explores the legacies of the holiday.

Watermelon and Red Birds: A Cookbook for Juneteenth and Black Celebrations” by Nicole A. Taylor
The very first cookbook to celebrate Juneteenth, from cookbook author Nicole A. Taylor, who draws on her decade of experiences observing the holiday.

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