It’s Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Created by Yvonne Selander, squirrel-loving librarian

Say squirrel and the words that instantly pop into most people’s heads are “peanuts,” “bushy tail,” and “bird feeders.” The word “pretzel” also comes to my mind because I still remember the thief I met in Union Square Park one day that climbed up my leg, onto my shoulder and down my arm to nab the pretzel I was eating. My fellow park visitors all commented on the theft, and we had a nice afternoon chat about the joy and scourge that are squirrels.

Now I see squirrels as my cats’ feral friends. They scale the 10-foot-high posts onto my small deck to enjoy some birdseed and peanuts with only a pane of glass and a foot of space separating feline from rodent. My cats love them. Seriously. If one came in the house they would most likely give it a tour and show it the best sleeping spots. They aren’t bothered in the least by our furry visitors. 

Why not embrace squirrels being squirrels? You know they are going to outsmart the squirrel-proof bird feeder you bought for way too much money. “Outwitting Squirrels” is an entire book describing “how to outsmart the greedy, crafty squirrels who are determined to make all the birdseed their own.” I say let them eat seed! Here are some books on bird feeders that everyone, you, the birds AND the squirrels can enjoy.