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It’s National Mutt Day!

//It’s National Mutt Day!

It’s National Mutt Day!

It’s National Mutt Day!

Created by Pam Zamory, adult services library assistant at the Hillsborough branch 

I know Yvonne always spotlights her cats, Ed and Shaun, but today is National Mutt’s Day and it’s the dogs’ turn! It’s also an unofficial holiday that proclaims mutts are just as special as their purebred friends and deserve the same love, affection, and respect.

My dog Roxy is the lover of all things hunting, digging, and swimming as well as an avid TV watcher. She has also trained us to give her treats whenever she asks…and she’ll let you know when she wants one. 

In honor of this holiday, here are some recommended reads for dog lovers:

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