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Into the Water by Paul Hawkins

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Into the Water by Paul Hawkins

Into the Water by Paul Hawkins

Jules Abbott never wanted to return to the small English town of Beckford; it holds too many bad memories for her. When her estranged sister’s body is found broken in the drowning pool she is forced to return and care for her teenaged niece Lena. Nel, Jules’s sister, was always obsessed with the drowning pool. It is a place that witches were tried and many women have committed suicide. Katie, Lena’s best friend whose body was found in the pool months before, and Nel, are considered just two more women who decided to end their lives in the spot. But Jules is sure that isn’t true. Nel always said if she wanted to kill herself she would never jump from the cliff because there would be a chance she could live. She would fill her pockets with rocks, just as Katie did months before. Nel also always said another thing about the spot, that is was a place to get rid of troublesome women.

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t a fan of The Girl on the Train. I didn’t understand why everyone loved that book so much. Now this book, this book I liked. The only thing good about getting laid low with a cold was being able to read this book in two days between my naps. 

The characters, even the deceased, slowly start to share their secrets and you get to know these troublesome women. It’s a twisty turny tale and you’re not completely sure whodunnit, or why they did it, until the very, very end. If you need a good summer thriller be sure to pick this one up for your beach bag.

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