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I Own the Dawn by M.L. Buchman

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I Own the Dawn by M.L. Buchman

I Own the Dawn by M.L. Buchman

Kee Smith has worked her way through the Army ranks and has finally landed a spot as a gunner with SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment).  These are the highly elite helicopter crews that get the Green Berets and Delta Force teams where they need to go, or get away from.  Kee is only the second female to be admitted to SOAR and she is placed in the unit led by Major Beale – the first female in SOAR.  Tension forms between the two as Kee wonders if Beale has what it takes or not.  Tension also forms between Kee and the co-pilot, Lt. Archibald Jeffrey Stevenson III, but it is tension of an entirely different type…

Want to learn about current life in the military?  How a forward base operates in the mountains?  How a team functions about a Black Hawk?  This is a good introduction.  There is a lot of information about machinery and weaponry but not too much, the narrative is not bogged down.  The characters are well developed and the multiple storylines are interesting (Kee’s life story, the story of an orphan girl brought back to the base, the forming relationship between Kee and Archie, and the shady goings on of a military mission).  The romance does get steamy, but the focus is on the trust forming between Kee and Archie and their missions.

Oh, and I can’t forget to relay this tidbit: this is a military romance series written by a man!
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