How to Survive as a Firefly” by Kristen Foote, illustrated by Erica Salcedo

Review by Yvonne Selander, collection development librarian

Life as a firefly isn’t easy. Thankfully this batch of young larva have an adult firefly to teach them the basics they will need to survive into adulthood. You eat and eat and eat some more as a larva so you can metamorphose into an adult; the beetle (yep, they are beetles!) we humans all adore for their ability to light up the night with their abdomens (no, not their butts!) There is more to it than eating, even though that’s all these larva think about every minute of every day.

Foote conveys lots and lots of facts in an entertaining way. Having an epauletted “general” teach his unruly larva charges makes learning fun, and Salcedo’s illustrations perfectly match the facts on each page. Want to know what larvae eat? How fireflies glow? How they find a mate? You’ll get the answers to these questions, and questions you wouldn’t even know to ask, as you attend book camp alongside the larva.