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“How to Bury Your Brother” by Lindsey Rogers Cook

//“How to Bury Your Brother” by Lindsey Rogers Cook

“How to Bury Your Brother” by Lindsey Rogers Cook

How to Bury Your Brother” by Lindsey Rogers Cook

Review by Yvonne Selander, collection development librarian

Rob left home when Alice was a young teen. She always hoped she’d see him again, thought she saw him in the streets of her college town, imagined she saw him on the street sometimes with her children in tow, but when she does finally see him again it is at his funeral. As their childhood home is being emptied for demolition she discovers boxes in a crawlspace with his belongings. Inside one box are addressed and sealed letters. None are for her. But she’s hoping by delivering them, meeting the people Rob knew, hearing their stories of him, she will learn why he left her behind all those years before.

While this book seems like a mystery, it’s more of a family story and a story of self-discovery. By learning about her brother’s life and death she is forced to reexamine her childhood. Did she really know her brother, a person she loved more than anyone in the world? How did his disappearance affect the choices she made for the next decades? By learning the truth and reexamining her life will she make any changes in the present?

For those who love family drama, southern fiction and stories of women recreating themselves later in life. 

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