Housebound (Comedy/Horror Film — New Zealand)

Kylie is sentenced to house arrest at her mother and stepfather’s house after a botched robbery attempt. She is a belligerent and rude houseguest until something happens. Her mom isn’t too concerned, weird things happen all the time; she knows the house is haunted. But Kylie thinks that there is a presence in the house that means them harm and no one will believe her except the guy monitoring her ankle bracelet to make sure she doesn’t leave the grounds. That’s because he’s a paranormal investigator in his spare time and finds out that there was a grisly murder in the house, a murder that took place in Kylie’s bedroom.

This movie constantly surprised me. Yes, there were a few gory parts, but there were many more laughs than gouts of blood. Every time you think you know what will happen next…you’re wrong. An enjoyable view if you need something a little scary, a little dark and a lot of fun.