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Hispanic Heritage Month — Favorite Bilingual Books for Kids!

//Hispanic Heritage Month — Favorite Bilingual Books for Kids!

Hispanic Heritage Month — Favorite Bilingual Books for Kids!

Hispanic Heritage Month

Created by Linda Tripp, collection development librarian

¡Hola! National Hispanic Heritage Month officially kicks off today and runs through October 15, and we’re celebrating by sharing some of our favorite bilingual books for kids. These fiction and nonfiction books feature text in both English and Spanish, making them perfect for kids (or adults) who are new to either language. You’ll find these titles, plus many more in our Children’s World Languages collection.

Learn all about colors. From the Canticos nursery rhyme collection of board books.

Spend the day with a busy baby and her two dads, and learn the words for things you do and see along the way!

In this bilingual picture book, astronaut José M. Hernández recounts his childhood as the son of Mexican migrant workers and his lifelong dream to travel to the stars.

Sing along to your child’s favorite songs, from “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to “The Wheels on the Bus,” in English and in Spanish. Accompanied by joyful, charming illustrations by Pura Belpré award winner Sara Palacios, this book is for every child who loves to sing, dance, and play.

In this beloved tale, Cinderella attends the royal ball with the help of her fairy godmother and captures the prince’s heart. From the Bilingual Fairy Tale series.

Days and days and days go by, adding up to 12 months and four seasons. Friends and family play in sun and rain and wind and snow. And then, a new year starts again.

This Spanish and English dual-language book takes you on a trip around the world, looking at the many different ways that people celebrate special days, holidays, religious festivals, and traditional celebrations.

When Alfredo’s father can no longer feed his family in Mexico, he takes Alfredo on a daring journey to find a new life, across la frontera to Texas. Based on a true story.

Nineteen traditional Latin American nursery rhymes and lullabies in Spanish from 17 different countries. A map of Latin America and complete lyrics in Spanish with English translations appear at the end of the book, which also includes a CD and a code for digital download.

Maya and Annie learn about each other’s family and cultural heritage and ultimately become more than just friends in this bilingual picture book about melding families and traditions.

Using the framework of the Spanish alphabet, this bilingual nonfiction book introduces readers to a cloud forest in the Andes; the plants, animals, and other organisms found there; and the newly-identified olinguito, a South American mammal.

A fascinating bilingual picture book biography of Peruvian archaeologist and national icon Julio C. Tello, who unearthed Peru’s ancient cultures and fostered pride in the country’s Indigenous history.

Take a trip around our solar system with Ellen Ochoa, the first Latina to travel into space. This book will introduce little ones to the Sun, Moon, and planets.

Join in a multicultural celebration of unity and diversity friendships all around the world as we read and sing along with joy, love, and peace!

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