Hardcore Twenty-Four by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie promises a grave robber she’ll take care of Ethel (his very large boa constrictor) if he’ll go down to the station to get rebonded. Turns out he’s fine sitting in jail for a bit on account of the zombies. Zombies in Trenton?! The discovery of headless bodies and heads without bodies is keeping on again/off again boyfriend Detective Joe Morelli busy and Stephanie finds herself running from zombies while trying to locate the latest gang of misfits that didn’t show for their court dates.

While this was an enjoyable listen and a great break from the heavier things I’ve been reading Stephanie’s indecision with her love life and career is getting really, really old. And I’m not a fan of the character Diesel who was in the book more than I would like. (Also not a fan of the way the reader voices that character.)  A nice diversion but if twenty-five isn’t better I may stop counting with Ms. Plum.