Hard Truth by Nevada Barr
I have been meaning to read an Anna Pigeon book forever and finally got around to listening to one.  All the mysteries in this series take place in National Parks since Pigeon is a Ranger with the National Park Service.  In Hard Truth Pigeon just took a position with Rocky Mountain National Park and is caught up in the story of two battered tweens who stumble out of the woods six weeks after they were reported missing.   The girls claim they have no idea where they have been or what has happened to them and they don’t know where the third girl who was with them has gone. 
I listened to this book and the reader was very good, however, there was a lot of mouth noise.  I don’t know if she was drinking glasses of water throughout her recording or what, but it was pretty distracting.  Still, great story, maybe not such a great listen.
I was expecting a cozy mystery and instead got a polygamous sect, serial killers, hand raised predators and some strange sociology/psychology insights.  For me it was a pleasant surprise.  Next time Barr comes out with a new mystery I will probably be adding her to my book pile.