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Happy Death Day (Indie Horror/Mystery/Comedy)

//Happy Death Day (Indie Horror/Mystery/Comedy)

Happy Death Day (Indie Horror/Mystery/Comedy)

Happy Death Day (Indie Horror/Mystery/Comedy)

Tree is the stereotypical mean girl at her sorority but she didn’t think anyone hated her enough to kill her! One night she is killed by a masked assailant and the next morning she wakes up more than a bit confused. Each day she makes changes but each night she still dies and awakens the next morning a little worse for wear to relive the day all over again. Not knowing how else to stop the cycle she decides to figure out who is trying to kill her to sometimes disastrous, sometimes hilarious results.

This was the best movie I have watched this year. It was well paced, funny, scary and thought-provoking as you tried to figure out who the murderer was time and time again. It’s not going to win any awards but it was a lot of fun and perfectly escapist. I also appreciated the tongue in cheek shout out to Groundhog Day at the end.

If you like mysteries, not-so-scary horror and/or need a laugh check this one out soon!

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