With a lot of help from Library patrons and residents, the Library has been gathering meaningful data about our communities’ needs and priorities. Much of the information so far has come from our Community Conversations, a series of focus groups that allow people to share their feelings about the kind of communities in which they want to live. We’re still sorting through the data and we will share our findings with the public once we’ve finished pulling them together, most likely by the end of August 2018.

As just one example, in several of the conversations we’ve had people have shared that they are looking for places in their communities where they can encounter and interact with their neighbors. This has been especially true in our member townships where there isn’t a defined downtown or town center. The public library is already that place for a lot of our patrons, but if we make this a strategic priority, we can look for ways to create spaces and events that help even more people feel like they are part of their community.

Look for data reports to be posted here over the next 4-6 weeks as we summarize and synthesize what we’ve learned.