For Kids and Their Grown-Ups: “Grumpy New Year” by Katrina Moore; illustrated by Xindi Yan

Review by Laura Frantz, collection development librarian

Daisy is traveling from the U.S. to China to visit her Yeh-Yeh to celebrate Lunar New Year. And even though she should get some sleep, she is just too excited. When she arrives, she gives her Yeh-Yeh a big hug and soon embarks on a series of adventures with him. They fly kites, ride a boat, go to his favorite restaurant and prepare for the upcoming holiday. And even though she should rest, Daisy can’t. There is just too much to see and do. And with no sleep, she is a tad bit grumpy. Will Daisy be able to get some sleep, shake the grumpies and stay awake for Lunar New Year festivities with Yeh-Yeh?

Author Katrina Moore’s follow-up to “Grandpa Grumps” is truly delightful. Illustrator Xindi Yan’s artwork is expressive and lively with great close-ups of Daisy and her Yeh-Yeh. This is a funny and heartwarming tale that is a much welcome addition to holiday shelves.