For Kids and Their Grown-Ups: “Applesauce Is Fun to Wear” by Nancy Raines Day; illustrated by Jane Massey

Review by Laura Frantz, collection development librarian

One of the joys and heartbreaks of parenting is mealtime. The joy, of course, when a baby gobbles up a new food. And the heartbreak, when another dish ends up everywhere except baby’s belly. Author Nancy Raines Day spotlights the pure delight a child has in making a mealtime mess.

In clever rhyming text and charming illustrations, we see that toast makes a great hat, scrambled eggs are perfect to smear, and spaghetti can act like confetti. There are many great scenarios here that showcase the sticky, squishy, and sloppy meals of a typical toddler.

This is an ideal read aloud, especially for those little ones developing their palate. It would also make a great gift book for new parents.