Finna” by Ninco Cipri

Review by Yvonne Selander, collection development librarian

Ava has done her best to avoid Jules after their breakup. She made sure her schedule was arranged just so, so she wouldn’t have to see them. Of course, Derek calls out and she has to work his shift at the big box Swedish furniture store they all work at (and no, it’s not that one, it’s that one if it were on steroids). And, of course, that would be the day a wormhole opens up in the store and an elderly customer wanders into it.

Surprisingly, Jules volunteers to go after the customer even after watching the awful VHS wormhole training video. They always wanted to travel and have adventures, so it shouldn’t surprise Ava that they did. It does surprise her that she is told she has to accompany them.

The newest employees are chosen if there are no other volunteers. Jules is the newest employee, and Derek is the next newest followed by Ava. Derek. The jerk who called out sick. Going into a wormhole in the middle of your shift with your ex to rescue a grandmother who wandered off? That is a bad day at work.

If a wormhole were to open up between worlds — it happening at a super duper IKEA makes sense. After all, it’s these rooms and houses and living spaces all smushed together. And let’s face it. We’ve all been lost in one.

The absurdity of the situation is the perfect backdrop for Ava and Jules to confront their feelings and think about their reasons for breaking up. Ava is always waiting for something to go wrong and needing to calm her fears and anxiety, and Jules is used to feeling that they are misunderstood and someone is always trying to change them. A great portrait of an imperfectly perfect relationship — they just need to figure that part out.