Their Finest (Comedy/Tragedy Film — Britain)

A copywriter is given the opportunity to work on a propaganda film to boost morale soon after the evacuation at Dunkirk. She is thrilled to be a part of the war effort on the homefront and earning a good salary but her husband, a man unable to serve in the war, is not very happy with his wife’s new job.

I really enjoyed this homefront look at World War II and the dry British humor infused throughout, but I think the film should have came with a warning. It was a lighter story for most of the film, yes there were horrific wartime events but they happened off screen. Then they appeared on screen and it was in a way that threw the whole movie off kilter. What I thought the movie was about abruptly changed. This is not a bad thing, but it was an unexpected thing that I have to admit was upsetting.

A film that explores the opportunities open to the overlooked at times of war and how these opportunities should be embraced while they last.