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How do I find materials?

/How do I find materials?

How do I find materials?

The catalog search is automatically set to search for keywords. If you would like to search by author, title, subject, or series, click the down arrow and select your desired search and type in your information.

The default search is set for all “Somerset County Libraries”. If you would like to search the catalog of a particular library, click the down arrow and choose that library. The catalog will then display the records we have for that title. The reason we may have more than one record for a particular title is because each title may have a regular print book, a large print book, a CD audio book, or a cassette audio book. The record can tell you a number of things at a glance. The title, author, and availability are displayed. The published date is in the top right hand corner. Underneath that is a picture of the material type. Circulation availability will tell you how many copies are checked in and where they can be located. See below for library codes. “No copies available” means that all copies are checked out and/or are on hold. Click on “full record” to learn when copies are due back or the number of holds already placed on the item.

Important Information on Library Codes:
To determine which library has the item checked in, take a look at Circulation Availability. The codes for each library as are follows:
BB=Bound Brook
BW= Bridgewater
MJ=Mary Jacobs
NP= North Plainfield
PG=Peapack Gladstone
WT=Warren Township
WV=Washington Valley Station (items cannot be reserved)
BG=Branchburg Station (items cannot be reserved)

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