Faith by Jennifer Haigh
In this book a man trusted by many is accused of an unspeakable crime.  It is Boston in 2002 and the Catholic Church is under fire.  Art is yet another priest at the center of a scandal.  Did he or didn’t he?  His sister is sure her brother is innocent of all claims against him, her other brother, himself a father with three young boys, isn’t sure what to believe.  The parishioners are divided.  Some believe that Father Art couldn’t possibly harm a child and others are in doubt.  What is true? 
The story is related by Shelia, Art’s sister.  She has unswerving faith in her brother’s innocence.  She is determined to get to the bottom of the accusations and discover the truth behind the lies. 
Well written and complex this narrative takes you thorough the life of a man as revealed by the searchings of his sister.  She thought she knew all about her brother, but even a priest in the public eye has secrets.  Faith, in God, in yourself, in others, is at the core of this story.