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Explore Dannemora with Author Charles Gardner

//Explore Dannemora with Author Charles Gardner
  • Charles A. Gardner

Explore Dannemora with Author Charles Gardner

On June 29 at 2 p.m., author Charles Gardner will be presenting his new book, “Dannemora: Two Escaped Killers, Three Weeks of Terror, and the Largest Manhunt Ever in New York State” at the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey’s (SCLSNJ) Manville Library branch, located at 100 South 10th Avenue in Manville.

Gardner’s book is an insider’s look at the most extensive, expensive, dangerous prison break in New York State history – providing a birds-eye, truly comprehensive look at the key factors leading up to the escape.

“During the escape I listened to and watched the media report of what was happening and was enraged by the inaccurate reporting,” said Gardner. “The media networks were making up talking points without fact-checking. Having been a recently retired member of the Department of Corrections, as well as a local north country resident, I felt this story needed to be told minus the spin; just the truth. I wanted to look under every rock to gather the smallest of details.”

Gardner is uniquely positioned to write this account of the inmates’ escape, as well as

Dannemora’s history. A Northern New York native, he has worked in prisons all over the State of New York, including on-the-job training as a rookie corrections officer at Dannemora.

“Dannemora is the story of a small town,” said Gardner. “There are hundreds of prison communities like Clinton all around the country, where everyone knows everyone. Here you had a corrections officer seduced and duped by prisoners into helping them escape – a terrible embarrassment for the corrections community – contrasting against a selfless commitment of law enforcement and their families working to bring these prisoners in before they could really hurt someone.”

Learn more about the Dannemora scandal with author Charles Gardner. Register to attend:

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