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End of Days by James Wilde

//End of Days by James Wilde

End of Days by James Wilde

End of Days by James Wilde
Reviewed by Keith McCoy, Somerset County Library System
Originally Submitted to Library Journal

Two mighty warriors play an uncharacteristic cat-and-mouse game in post-Hastings England in this third volume of Wilde’s saga about the legendary English insurgent, Hereward.  William the Conqueror (or the Bastard as the locals called him) has spent the four years since his arrival from Normandy burning and pillaging his way across the Sceptered Isle to put down resistance to his taking of the crown.  Only Hereward, cornered in Ely in the fen country, remains.  A matched pair in ferocity and cruelty, the king and the rebel feint and probe the forces of each other, while Hereward simultaneously ponders getting revenge on his treacherous brother Redwald.  The battle scenes are just as gruesome as in the earlier books, but there is also a sly gamesmanship this time, with the fate of the nation in the balance.  Verdict: This is the equally vivid but alternate viewpoint to James Aitcheson’s series, which covers the same place and time period from the Norman perspective.  Those who read novels for the history and the battle action will want to read both authors in order to judge which side to root for.
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