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Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

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Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

Three years ago two teenaged sisters disappeared. Dr. Winter was the bureau psychiatrist assigned to the disappearance of Emma and Cass Tanner. The case has haunted Dr. Winter for the past three years, she always thought their mother showed signs of narcissistic personality disorder and was somehow involved, but she could never find any evidence. Then she gets the call that Cass just returned home telling of an island off the coast of Maine where she and a pregnant Emma were taken to and then held at all this time. Emma didn’t escape with Cass because she refused to leave behind her young daughter and now Cass is desperate to find her sister and her niece.

Dr. Winter is shocked by Cass’s return and not completely convinced by her story. As the days go by and the interviews continue Dr. Winter is pretty sure she knows what really happened to Cass over the past three years; but is she right and can she prove it? 

Wendy Walker proved she can write great psychological thriller with All is Not Forgotten last year and she has another great story here. It seems a little slow to start, but the stage needs to be set. From the beginning the story seems weird, but there is nothing that can be pointed at as being particularly off, in all the stories Cass tells and the evidence that is found only a few things send up flags to Dr. Winter and we’re right there with her as she figures out what happened to the Tanner sisters. If you like twisty, strange and disturbing psychological thrillers Wendy Walker needs to be on your to read list.

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