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Duke in Shining Armor by Loretta Chase

Duke in Shining Armor by Loretta Chase

Lady Olympia Hightower is about to be married to the Duke of Ashmont; one of three men known about town as Their Dis-Graces. He’s handsome, he’s rich, he’s a duke, and he asked her, all reasons Olympia should be leaping at the opportunity. After being voted the most boring lady of the season seven years running, and knowing the situation of her family’s finances, she should be at the altar eagerly awaiting her groom. Instead she is sitting in the library, late for her own wedding, sipping from a flask of brandy she swiped from her brother. She just can’t seem to make herself go out there so she climbs out the window into the garden instead.

The Duke of Ripley, one of Ashmont’s two best friends and one of the other Dis-Graces, is a bridesmaid of sorts taked by Ashmont to make sure all goes smoothly and the rings and paperwork are in order and the bride and groom are there to get married. He enters the library in time to see Olympia exit through the window and takes off in pursuit. He doesn’t feel that manhandling her back to the wedding in her inebriated state is the proper course of action but neither is allowing her to run off on her own so he accompanies her on her flight.

Ripley and Olympia have obvious chemistry, and they both know it, just as they are both painfully aware that she is engaged to marry his best friend. The ton will be talking about this mess for ages!

This is the perfect pick if you want a fun and funny romp with sweet and steamy romance. It’s the second in the series and there are more to come; a few things are brought up in this book that make me curious to read the next.

Place your holds now — this book comes out November 28th!

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