If you are considering applying for a mortgage; investing your stimulus check or tax return; refinancing your student or personal loans; or exploring life or supplemental health insurance – the digital resource Weiss Financial Ratings, offered by the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey (SCLSNJ), can help.

Weiss Financial Ratings is a multifaceted digital resource that offers independent and unbiased ratings, which can help Library customers comprehend financial options. The easy-to-use resource offers financial planning tools that can aid in making insurance, banking, and investment decisions. 

“The ability to understand financial topics is the first step to financial literacy, and our customers can connect with Weiss’s excellent collection of downloadable consumer guides and financial literacy tools, including e-books and worksheets,” said Linda Tripp, collection development librarian. “These how-to guides are suitable for patrons of any age, but especially those in their teens and 20s just starting to discover and navigate the adult world. Explore the basics of financing college; managing budgets, credit and debt; choosing health insurance; renting and insuring an apartment, plus much more.”

With Weiss Financial Ratings, Library customers can:

  • Check the values and ratings of stocks, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds (ETF);
  • Compare ratings of banks, credit unions, and insurance companies;
  • Download financial literacy and planning e-books;
  • Explore independent, unbiased financial strength ratings of banks, credit unions, and insurance companies;
  • Create your own customized account to build a stocks watchlist;
  • Discover Medicare supplement insurance plans.

“As a business-focused librarian, Weiss Financial Ratings is one of my favorite resources,” said Chris Murray, adult services supervisor. “One of its most unique assets is the ability to generate a customized report that can help users select the Medigap insurance plan that is best for them. After answering several simple questions, a 60-plus page report that breaks down cost and comparisons is emailed to the user in minutes.”

The resource is conveniently accessible at home with your Library card, or by visiting your local Library branch.

Explore your options today with SCLSNJ and Weiss Financial Ratings: SCLSNJ.org/Weiss. For assistance navigating the resource, schedule a one-on-one appointment with an expert librarian: SCLSNJ.org/research-learn/ask-a-librarian.