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Disclaimer by Renee Knight

//Disclaimer by Renee Knight

Disclaimer by Renee Knight

Disclaimerby Renee Knight
Catherine Ravenscroft inadvertently reads The Perfect Stranger – a book on her nightstand that her husband claims isn’t his. Somehow, someone connected with an event in her past came into her home and left it there for her to read.  And her son, who hasn’t read a book in ages, has also read a copy of the book after a customer at his job leaves one for him as a thank you.  Terrified that her secret is about to come out Catherine begins to investigate a man from her past to see how he could possibly still have a hold over her present.

What I liked best about this book was the twist on a twist construction.  My perception of the main character, and other characters, changed multiple times over course of the story as new truths were revealed.  And the ending is especially enlightening since it explains the tension between two characters that I didn’t understand.  This is one of those books that manages to tie up loose ends that you didn’t even know were things that needed closure.  Any thriller reader will enjoy this book but make sure you stick with it, if you’re like me you’ll be annoyed with the main character and her over the top reactions, but reactions that are completely warranted once you know the whole story.
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