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Dave Made a Maze (Quirky Indie Comedy)

//Dave Made a Maze (Quirky Indie Comedy)

Dave Made a Maze (Quirky Indie Comedy)

Dave Made a Maze (Indie Film – Comedy with a Message)

Dave is an artist that has never successfully completed anything and is completely frustrated with the current state of his life. While his girlfriend Annie is away he constructs a maze out of cardboard in the middle of their living room. But Dave is trapped in the maze of his own creation with boobie traps, dead ends and fearsome creatures. As he warns Annie and his friends, on the inside it’s much larger than it looks.

Dangers await those entering the maze in the cinematic form of puppets, stop-motion, sculptures and origami. It’s really entertaining because you never know what will happen around the next corner. The maze is a thinly veiled allegory for the aimlessness many young adults feel when starting their careers and navigating their new lives but it’s a fun one that was a perfect accompaniment to warm Jiffy Pop fresh from the stove and a blanket on a chilly night.

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