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Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes

//Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes

Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes

Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes

Genevieve is living her dream.  She saved enough money from her London jobs to take a year off, buy a barge and live on it at a marina in Kent as she fixes it up.  She doesn’t miss her high pressure sales job but she does kind of miss her weekend one.  Genevieve was a pole dancer at a gentleman’s club where she made great money.  She doesn’t miss the shady back room dealings – she kept her nose clean, but she knew something was going on.  She does miss her best friend Caddy and the dancing itself. 

To celebrate her efforts she decides to have a boat-warming party and invites the marina locals and friends from London.  The party goes well, but she’s a little disappointed that Caddy didn’t show.  Later that night there is a bumping against the side of her boat.  Genevieve is horrified to find a body up against her home, a body that looks a lot like Caddy.

This was an interesting mix of settings for a mystery.  You learn a lot about houseboats and the life of a pole dancer.  Two topics I never thought I’d be interested in, but both were neat to learn about in their own ways. 

I loved Haynes’s first book Intothe Darkest Corner and was looking forward to this one.  I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, but it wasn’t as gripping.  Her third comes out this summer and I already have a hold on it.  I’m not giving up on Haynes!
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