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Dangerous and Unseemly by K. B. Owen

//Dangerous and Unseemly by K. B. Owen

Dangerous and Unseemly by K. B. Owen

Dangerous and Unseemly by K. B. Owen

SCLSNJ is happy to include books from Indie Author Project Select in our Overdrive collection for our patrons. The IAP Select collection features top indie-published books across multiple genres. These books have been curated by industry partners like Library Journal and Publishers Weekly, as well as library editorial boards from across North America. IAP Select features NY Times and USA Today best-selling authors, numerous award winners, as well as 2019 Indie Author of the Year Ran Walker’s award-winning Daykeeper. Best part? These digital books are always available — no placing holds for these titles!

Naturally I was curious and needed to check out a book from this collection. Since I was in the mood for a mystery, and a little bit of history.

Concordia Wells is a bright single woman living the life she has chosen — much to her mother’s dismay. Instead of trying to find a man to share her life with, Concordia hit the books and has become a college professor at an all women’s college in Connecticut a short distance from her family home. There she is a live-in chaperone in a dormitory, a full time professor and she gets roped into directing the student play: Macbeth. Mysteries and murder abound on and off the stage. Pranks at the college seem to be escalating, an administrator is found dead by suicide (or was it?) and the college is rumored to be facing financial ruin. Add to the mix Concordia’s sister’s severe illness and her best friend’s political activism putting her at risk and Concordia has a full plate!

It is 1896 so Women’s Suffrage is an important topic at the college with supporters and detractors everywhere. But that is just one subplot. As you can see there are many! Typically I would find numerous subplots jarring and overwhelming but the author handles them with skill making each seem organic, not just filler or another thing stuffed into the story. I wanted to know how all the different storylines resolved and eagerly kept reading. I was happy that all the subplots were resolved but at the same time that they didn’t all come crashing together into one big messy conclusion. This is a book that makes you wonder why none of the large publishing houses has found her yet.

This eBook can be checked out right now by following this link:

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