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Cursed by Benedict Jacka

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Cursed by Benedict Jacka

Cursed by Benedict Jacka

Alex Verus is a Conjurer operating a magic shop in present day London.  He gets a lot of people looking for card tricks wandering in off the street, but he deals in real magic.  As a Conjurer he can see into the future and all the paths the future may take – which is why Verus never seems to trip, he can always see the future he doesn’t trip in and take that path.  And it’s also why he hasn’t died…yet.  He can see what future path will result in his demise.  And there have been a lot of paths leading in that direction lately.

Two storylines twist and turn together in this book, the second in the series.  Finding out who is killing magical creatures is the first task Verus has to deal with since his best friend is a giant spider.  Next he has to figure out how best to work with his apprentice Luna.  She is cursed with luck.  Hers is pretty good at the peril of anyone that gets within a certain radius of her – they then take on bad luck with disastrous results.

The characters are likeable and memorable.  I read the first entry in the series about two years ago and the world Jacka created came right back.  It was a nice place to visit again, and I think I’ll be visiting again soon since books three and four are currently available.  If you are a fan of Jim Butcher or Kat Richardson I really think you’ll enjoy this series.

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