According to the U.S. Business Association, about one in 12 businesses fail every year, with the top cause cited as low sales. Discover strategies to achieve repeat business with author Richard R. Shapiro at the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey’s (SCLSNJ) Warren Twp. Library branch, on September 20, at noon. 

Shapiro, founder and president at The Center for Client Retention (TCFCR), will discuss his latest release, “The Endangered Customer: 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business,” and explore approaches that can create customer loyalty.

“Our research [at TCFCR] is valuable and I wanted to share the knowledge we had amassed over the years about the customer experience and customer retention, not only with our clients, but with everyone,” said Shapiro.

Throughout the book, Shapiro shares eight steps that display the importance of customer service including responsiveness, forming relationships, and other tips.

“I studied Erik Erikson’s process of human development,” said Shapiro. “I realized that my eight steps mirror Erikson’s concepts relating to hope, control, direction, trust, etc. Hope is the strongest human emotion, and when a company fulfills hope and makes a person feel cared for, wanted, and special, an emotional bond is created and both sides are rewarded.”

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