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Coming Soon — Early Review!

//Coming Soon — Early Review!

Coming Soon — Early Review!

At library conferences publishers often preview the books that they feel will be the big hits of the coming season. I was fortunate enough to receive copies of some of the books they talked up. Over the coming months I hope to read (and review) a bunch of these in time for you to get your holds on them before they are released!

I’d Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman – Available August 17th!

This is a hauntingly psychological novel exploring the mind of a woman trying to put the events of her past behind her, only to have them reenter her life unexpectedly. Eliza, now a happy housewife and mother of two, was once known as Elizabeth. At age 15, back in 1985, she was kidnapped and held hostage by Walter. Walter manages to discover her current whereabouts and starts to write to her, since his time on death row is finally coming to an end.

Walter, who killed and raped a number of young girls, didn’t kill Elizabeth and she doesn’t understand why she lived. She is living with guilt and confusion and now that communication has opened between them she can finally get the answers to her questions.

Chapters flip between 1985 and the current day, and Lippman has a wonderful ability to open up more questions while answering others that will keep you guessing and reading until the end.

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