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Cold Prey II (Foreign Horror Film / Norwegian)

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Cold Prey II (Foreign Horror Film / Norwegian)

Cold Prey II (Foreign Horror Film / Norwegian)
Okay, when I saw the first one a month ago I wrote that I was going to save the sequel for the cold winter months.  Obviously I didn’t.  I read some reviews about how great it was and I couldn’t wait.
Our heroine, the only survivor of the five snowboarders from the first movie, is found and is recovering in the local hospital.  The bodies of her friends, and their attacker, are brought to the morgue in the hospital’s basement; the crime techs will be there in the morning.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that somehow the attacker is not dead.  He needs to get out of the hospital, leaving as much death, destruction and mayhem in his path as possible, and return to the ski lodge he calls home where he can continue his dark deeds.  Our heroine, naturally, will do everything she can to stop him.  Will good prevail?

Yes, it’s a slasher movie, but it’s a semi-intelligent slasher movie.  If you act smartly, you probably won’t die.  Probably.  It’s also a great kick butt female avenger story.  Which is always a great thing.
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