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Cold Prey (Foreign Horror Film / Norwegian)

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Cold Prey (Foreign Horror Film / Norwegian)

Cold Prey (Foreign Horror Film / Norwegian)
Five friends, all avid snowboarders, take some time off to enjoy some pristine slopes in the Norwegian Mountains.  Sure, it’s great not having to share the slopes with anyone else, but it’s not so great when one of your friends gets a compound fracture, a blizzard is coming up, and you’re miles from your car and the nearest town.  Thankfully one of them spots an abandoned ski lodge in the distance.  But why has the lodge been abandoned these forty years if the terrain is so wonderful?
The setup reminded me of Dead Snow, Cabin in the Woods and Evil Dead.  Friends go to a place in the middle of nowhere, get trapped and bad stuff happens.  It’s a jumper of a movie; I had trouble sitting in one place and did a lot of pacing.  It is kind of bloody, and a bit scary, so you have to be a horror fan to enjoy it.  But if you are a horror fan, maybe keep this one for a night when you are snowed in this winter.  You’ll jump even higher that way!

There is a sequel I haven’t seen yet.  Going to save that one for winter — though it was cooling watching a winter horror film during a heat wave!
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