City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett
Reviewed by Chris, Librarian, Bridgewater Library

The city of Bulikov, the most important place on the Continent, had the world under its thrall using the Divine powers of its gods. But three generations ago, the Kaj came and killed the divinities, and Saypur, a land that had never known the godly touch, now rules the Continent and forbids all mention of the Divine.

A Saypuri professor was studying the history of the Continent when he is suddenly murdered. Shara Thivani is sent from Saypur, officially to act as diplomat, but unofficially to uncover the motives behind the professor’s murder. As she delves deeper into the mystery, she discovers conspiracy after conspiracy, and that the gods may not be as dead as the legends told…

The story is mostly fast-paced, although it drags somewhat in the middle. Recommended for those who enjoy their suspenseful fantasy a bit on the darker side.